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Looking back at “HERStory”… IFMA’s Journey on Female Muaythai

“After three years of researching my thesis around female muaythai I feel I am in a position to paint a solid picture of the real journey of women in muaythai, starting from the IFMA’s early beginnings in the 90’s through to today. My research included hours of sifting through archives, articles, interviews, videos, research papers, and documenting my own journey that begun in 1991.”
                                                                                                                – Sue Glassey

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Amy Birch, One of the True Female Pioneers of Muaythai

“Muaythai is and has been my life. Coming from a small country town it is definitely something I would never have anticipated to be my childhood dream. However, from the moment I started to engage in muaythai, the physical and cultural aspects, it has shaped many years of my life.”
Amy Birch
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Female Muaythai Salutes Rangsit Stadium

In 1980, Mr. Amuay Kesbumrung, who is a member of the Executives of the Amateur Associations of Thailand and board member of the World Muaythai Council and Committee Member of IFMA, started to build his own standard stadium. In 1995, Rangsit became the official WMC Stadium and also hosted the first IFMA Prince Cup.

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Valentina Shevchenko, Martial Art Superstar

In the world of muaythai and UFC, Valentina Shevchenko is a superstar, a legend and one of the highest ranked and paid UFC superstars. Valentina comes from a family of fighting traditions. Her mother, Elena, is a multiple muaythai champion and the 2020 IFMA Muaythai Virtual World Champion. 

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“Yut, Chock, Yut, Yaek, Ying!” IFMA’s HERStory about Female Referees

Women’s participation in muaythai 40 years ago was very much unthinkable especially in the motherland of Thailand. In the early 90’s, IFMA and the WMC stood up for gender equality, breaking the history marked by division and discrimination and started a journey with major accomplishments for all stakeholders in the muaythai family and important steps towards the empowerment of women, girls and gender equality. 

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