Health & Nutrition for Elite Athletes

Health & Nutrition for Elite Athletes

 4 Step Process of Maintenance and Natural Remedy for Elite Athletes in Rigorous Training Schedules with Holistic Nutritionist and Chair of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission, Janice Lyn, and Manual Practitioner and Moaliving Clinic Owner/Clinical Director, Garnet Santicruz (Toronto) 

In this first session of this 5 series webinar, Manual Practitioner, Garnet Santicruz, will attempt to tackle the root cause of a common problem area for elite Muaythai athletes, the hips.Simultaneously, the Chair of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission and Holistic Nutritionist, Janice Lyn, will use nutrition in parallel to help remedy the irritating fires of inflammation. Learn how to improve hip health and inflammation by identifying physical, emotional and nutritional root causes. 
These two Wellness Practitioners combine forces to give you the tools to maintain and remedy the body to keep yourself in top functional condition for elite performance.


Presentation on Health & Nutrition for Athletes by the IFMA Athletes Commission Chair, Janice Lyn.