The Games Have Begun at Nak Muay University!

The first day of matches at the ILKADIM OKCULUK SPORT HALL was filled with honor and excitement for the 2022 FISU University World Cup Combat Sports participants. The opening day for Muaythai was honored by the IFMA Oaths taken by Devrim Aydin from 19 Mayis University for the Athletes, David Gonzales from Colombia for the […]

FISU University World Cup Combat Sports Officially Open

The city of Samsun held the Opening Ceremony for FISU University World Cup Combat Sports 2022 edition. The athletes, executives and VIPs of the FISU Family came together to celebrate the organisation’s biggest event since the 2019 Summer Universiade in Napoli. Students from over 370 universities marched into the Omu Ataturk Kongre ve Kultur Merkezi […]

Beyza brings smiles and hope with her Wai Kru in #MuaythaiConnects2.0

Today we congratulate Beyza Esma Yeşil, who over the last few days creeped her way up into the top 5 athletes with the most viewership for the #MuaythaiConnects2.0 Social and Active Challenge. The efforts of her team, family and friends truly exemplify the IOC President’s words that “We are truly #StrongerTogether” and highlights the whole […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru Performance from the Youth of Turkey

Merhaba from Turkey! Turkey is a country with a proud history with borders between Asia and Europe. Turkey is with no doubt, one of the strongest muaythai countries in the world. Turkey has hosted so many amazing events. One of the most outstanding was the Youth World Championships, held in Antalya, Turkey where it was […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru from Turkey

Hello from beautiful Turkey. We all remember the fond memories in Antalya at the 2019 Youth World Championships where the athletes, regardless of social background, race or religion, lived together, trained together, competed, participated in the unforgettable talent show and social initiative and above all, had fun and made new friendships. We certainly can’t wait […]

Thumbs Up for IFMA YWC

IFMA prides itself on its youth development ensuring that the athletes and the youth are at the centre of IFMA’s work. The values of Muaythai and IFMA focus on youth development and social exchange. IFMA as an IOC recognised organisation promotes the Olympic spirit of excellence, friendship and respect. The IFMA youth world championship, in […]

5 Rings at the Turkish Muaythai Championships

18 months ago IFMA proudly received the honour of being part of the 5 rings by receiving recognition by the International Olympic Committee. The Turkish Muaythai Federation in a special celebration organised their national championships symbolically over 5 Muaythai boxing rings.