The Games Have Begun at Nak Muay University!

The first day of matches at the ILKADIM OKCULUK SPORT HALL was filled with honor and excitement for the 2022 FISU University World Cup Combat Sports participants. The opening day […]

#MuaythaiConnects Wai Kru from Turkey

Hello from beautiful Turkey. We all remember the fond memories in Antalya at the 2019 Youth World Championships where the athletes, regardless of social background, race or religion, lived together, […]

Thumbs Up for IFMA YWC

IFMA prides itself on its youth development ensuring that the athletes and the youth are at the centre of IFMA’s work. The values of Muaythai and IFMA focus on youth […]

5 Rings at the Turkish Muaythai Championships

18 months ago IFMA proudly received the honour of being part of the 5 rings by receiving recognition by the International Olympic Committee. The Turkish Muaythai Federation in a special celebration organised […]