The youth are our future, is a quote repeated time and time again in the IFMA Family. IFMA, the sole IOC recognised governing body for muaythai, reveres the IFMA Youth for their energy and spirit both on and off the field of play. Time and time again they consistently demonstrate to the world, past and present generations, the values of honor, respect, tradition, fair play, excellence and friendship in the purest form.

From September 29 to October eight, the district of Kemer, Antalya, the gateway to Turkiye’s southern Mediterranean region, aka Turquoise Coast (for its blue waters), will be the capital of Muaythai for the Youth of the world. Over the recent months, the youth from all five continents have been working hard to qualify for IFMA’s flagship event. All athletes will have qualified through each National Federation to earn the right to a place on their national team, and to proudly wear their national colours and hold their flag high in Antalya.

Many events have also taken place across the world, from team trainings to fundraising events, all to support the youth in their final preparations before taking center stage at IFMA’s Youth World Championship. Our young athletes will showcase their skills and talent in the Combat and Cultural Disciplines of muaythai, Wai Kru and Mai Muay all of which will be full medal events.
Running in tandem is the U23 World Cup being held to provide more opportunities for this developmental stage to compete in international level competition. This will support the development of our athletes as they transition toward the senior Elite level of competition.

Some of the events that have taken place around the globe over the last few months as the IFMA Youth prepare for their competition of a lifetime include:

  • UKMF National Team Training Camp
  • Kazakhstan National Youth Championships
  • Polish National Team Training Camp
  • Team USA Youth Nationals
  • Team Canada Fundraiser at Muaythai Fest Toronto
  • Turkish National Youth Championships
  • Team Australia Fundraiser Sparring Night
  • Moroccan National Youth Championships
  • Arab Muaythai Youth Championships
  • New Zealand National Team Training Camps
  • Belgium National Team Training Camps


Chok Dee to all our youth from around the world in their last preparations for the 2023 Youth Championships!