IFMA prides itself on its youth development ensuring that the athletes and the youth are at the centre of IFMA’s work. The values of Muaythai and IFMA focus on youth development and social exchange. IFMA as an IOC recognised organisation promotes the Olympic spirit of excellence, friendship and respect. The IFMA youth world championship, in which discrimination of any kind has no place is a festival of unity in diversity, respect for all. The 2019 IFMA youth world championship took place in Antalya, Turkey in a beautiful beach side resort with a convention centre, where the athletes regardless of social background, race or religion lived together, trained together, competed, took part in a talent show and social initiative and above all had fun making new friendships.

As after every event IFMA ran a survey with all participating organisations and most importantly the athletes and officials as they have an important voice. We want to ensure that they have experience staying in their memories for a life time. Only from this service we can learn and improve. As the athletes develop we as an organisation must do the same. The survey concluded that the athletes enjoyed the 2019 youth world championships and there we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this important result, especially the Turkish Muaythai federation, the city of Antalya, the officials, the medics, the staff, the IFMA team and certainly the many volunteers bringing smiles and wiping tears when the result was not in favour. Thank you Turkey, on behalf of the IFMA youth.

Overall Perception: The overall perception of the event was very good. Over 97% rated the event as good or very good and no one rated the event as poor. Participants were most happy with: hotel, venue, organisation, location, food and hospitality.
Organisation: About 88% of the participants found the event very well organised. 12.2% rated the event as fairly organised and no one rated the organisation as being poorly organised.
Staff friendliness: Over 92% of the participants found the staff friendly and hospitable. Only 7% of them had complains.
Length of the event: About 98% found the length of the event just about right. Only 2.44% found it too short.
Schedule: In regards to the schedule of the fights everyone seems to be happy as there was no complaints. Registration process: Over 80% found it good. Which is a good sign taking into consideration that participants arrive at different times after long flights. Venue & Accommodation: Everyone was happy with the venue and accommodation. Our concept of same venue same field of play contributes to that. Food: Almost everyone was satisfied with the food. Opening ceremony: 90% liked the opening ceremony. 10% found it fair. Medal ceremony: 97% of the participants liked the medal ceremonies. Social activities: 94% liked all activities, while 6% found them fair or would not participate again. Medical service: The medical service, which is most important had no negative feedback.