Virtual Championship Gives Opportunities to Sport Is Your Gang Team Philippines

This year’s Virtual Championships not only opened participation for the IFMA members, but also to members running Sport Is Your Gang programmes to engage marginalised youth in their communities through muaythai. Not only did the Muaythai Association of the Philippines (MAP) enter an incredibly strong team to represent the nation at this year’s virtuals, but […]

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Highlighting an IFMA Member’s outstanding accomplishments!

It was 2018 when Muaythai Colombia burst onto the international stage driven by a team of talented coaches led by a determined President and gentleman, David Gonzalez Escobar. After the World Championships in Cancun, 2018, David was inspired, he wasted no time setting big strategic goals for muaythai in his country. His goals were fourfold: […]

Discover Muaythai: a project for disadvantaged youth in Malaysia

An early morning start is the first lesson for youth taking part in the Discover Muaythai project in Malaysia; offering discipline and hope for teens who have lost their way. Already in its third round of funding and action, the partnership between muaythai and social groups is showing the true meaning of community sport.

Muaythai brings a Second Life to the Elderly in Italy

Here at IFMA we often say muaythai is for everybody, but maybe even we didn’t understand how true that can be. Up to 100 elderly residents in Italian nursing homes come to weekly lessons, and the coaches say it’s given everyone a new lease of life including the muaythai community.

United Through Sports showing results for disadvantaged children

Social projects are a natural fit for the muaythai community; the spirit of respect and solidarity in the sport means helping those less fortunate and uniting to bring change is a natural fit. Four months since the launch of the United Through Sports campaign, under patronage of the IOC, the partnership between SportAbility and IFMA […]

Sport Is Your Gang muaythai offers hope in Argentina

In Argentina free muaythai classes offer a lifeline to children left behind by the economic challenges facing the country; and for one boy learning to trust his coach has meant the difference between despair and hope.