Over the past 20 years, IFMA has understood how sports can change people’s lives. For this reason, projects such as Sport is Your Gang (SIYG) have been developed to make a difference in the communities. Sport is Your Gang has won the Spirit of Sports Award in 2014, and today, over 20 countries have implemented SIYG initiatives.

Valentina David, the IFMA Chair of Sport and Active Society Commission, said “The IFMA Sport is Your Gang project is very much in line with the Olympism 365 Strategy, using sport to promote sustainable development.”

The Bangkok projects are in the poorest neighborhoods and a special cultural and sporting exchange took place between the National Youth team of Palestine and the SIYG youth from Bangkok. It was a wonderful afternoon where the kids played together, trained together, danced together and shared snacks.

IFMA Sports Director, Janice Lyn, stated “This was a heartwarming day on all levels and IFMA will continue to promote and enhance active tolerance with dialogue, sporting and cultural engagements based on the 5 pillars of muaythai; respect, tradition, honor, excellence, and fair play.”