IFMA Newsletter
Officiating IFMA vs WMC

This month we take a look at the differences with officiating bouts under IFMA and WMC rules. As an official in a sport where the difference between winning and losing can be but a fraction of a margin, It is important that we know what we are looking for whether it be an IFMA or […]

IFMA Newsletter
Self-Improvement for Officials during Lockdown

Officials, just like athletes, need to keep focused by regularly upskilling their techniques in all aspects of becoming the best officials we can, not just for our athletes but also for ourselves. With most countries still in lockdown and many International and local events having to be cancelled or postponed, we need to find other […]

IFMA and UAE working together to provide referee training in the Arab region

A key workshop for the development of muaythai in the Arab region took place when referees from eight countries attended training with senior IFMA referees in Abu Dhabi. Referees are the third person in the ring and their understanding of fair play, clean sport and the rules of muaythai are crucial to a successful event.

International Referees and Judges Seminar – 28th May 2011

A one day referee and judges seminar was conducted last Saturday, the 28th of May, at the Suda Palace, in Bangkok. Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan was the official President of the Seminar, as he is also the President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMTAT), under Royal Patronage, and of the International Federation of Muaythai […]

The Contender Asia Referee & Judge Workshop

The Contender Asia will with no doubt be one of the biggest promotions for the development of Muaythai ever put together. The reality series will see 16 boxers chosen for their skills and personalities moving into the Contender house to fight for fame and glory. The World Muaythai Council, the world governing body for Muaythai, […]