Fair play in and out of the competition is one of the most important pillars of muaythai. IFMA ensures athlete fairness by organising intensive educational courses on sport integrity, anti-doping and carrying out rigorous doping tests both in and out of competition. Furthermore, it is IFMA’s firm belief that fair play extends also to reflect the respect that the athletes and coaches must have for one another.


Judges and referees are most important for fair play in the field of play. IFMA educates its R&Js from national to international level to ensure the safety of the athletes and the integrity of the decision making process to ensure that the right hand is raised at the end of the bout.


The 2013 World Combat Games were again another example of excellence in its officials. To highlight this fact, the event concluded with not a single protest which clearly shows that IFMA’s referees and judges are of the highest quality.


Thank you from all participants and spectators for a job well done!!