“Yut, Chock, Yut, Yaek, Ying!” IFMA’s HERStory about Female Referees

Women’s participation in muaythai 40 years ago was very much unthinkable especially in the motherland of Thailand. In the early 90’s, IFMA and the WMC stood up for gender equality, breaking the history marked by division and discrimination and started a journey with major accomplishments for all stakeholders in the muaythai family and important steps […]

IFMA Newsletter
Officiating IFMA vs WMC

This month we take a look at the differences with officiating bouts under IFMA and WMC rules. As an official in a sport where the difference between winning and losing can be but a fraction of a margin, It is important that we know what we are looking for whether it be an IFMA or […]

IFMA Newsletter
Self-Improvement for Officials during Lockdown

Officials, just like athletes, need to keep focused by regularly upskilling their techniques in all aspects of becoming the best officials we can, not just for our athletes but also for ourselves. With most countries still in lockdown and many International and local events having to be cancelled or postponed, we need to find other […]

USMF R&J Muaythai Summit a Big Success

The United States Muaythai Federation in cooperation with IFMA and WMC Thailand hosted a 3-day online Referee and Judge Seminar from the 4th to the 6th of September to cover both the amateur and professional rule sets. Around 50 people from the US participated in the event from the safety of their own homes during […]