#MuaythaiConnects2.0 the Art of 8 Limbs from Peru

Hello from South America and beautiful Peru. The toughest part of our country is to decide what you want to see and do. From the remoteness of Peru’s Andes Mountains, to mystic Amazon and abundance of wildlife, to a fascinating history as the motherland of the Inca civilization, as you can see, we are proud […]

IFMA team and national teams arrive in Minsk!

Athletes are arriving in Minsk this week but the Belarus local committee and IFMA officials have been working together closely for one month already on the ground. The first to arrive were the Technical team led by Technical Director Dimity Putilin along with Sergey Kyimov and European Sport Director Gleb Kalita. The team was bolstered […]

Crunch-time for amateur muaythai in Canada and America

Amateur muaythai is on the move in North America with national championships taking place in Canada and America shortly. Canada is up first with nationals on Saturday and Sunday this week organised by Muaythai Canada. Champions from this tournament represent Canada on the world stage, heading first to the Pan-Americans in Peru next month, and […]

Peru, The First Team To Arrive

Peru may be a small country in size but is a fantastic sporting nation where muaythai is a fully recognised sport by the NOC and Sports Ministry. Peru was the first team to arrive for the preparation for the upcoming Royal World Cup to participate in the 6 week training camp using different gym facilities […]

IFMA World Championships 2014 Opening Ceremony

The 2014 IFMA World Championships kicked off with an entertaining display of Malay culture and tradition, giving spectators a taste of the many multicultural facets that make Malaysia truly Asia.

Peru to Commemorate Nai Kanom Tom Day

The Federacao Peruana de Muaythai  (FPMT)  under the Presidency of Mr. Rodrigo Jorquera are preparing for a big muaythai event featuring Peru vs Argentina bouts under patronage of the Pan American Muaythai Union (PAMU), of which Mr.  Jorquera is the executive director.