Peru may be a small country in size but is a fantastic sporting nation where muaythai is a fully recognised sport by the NOC and Sports Ministry. Peru was the first team to arrive for the preparation for the upcoming Royal World Cup to participate in the 6 week training camp using different gym facilities around Thailand not just for training, but also for cultural exchange and understanding.

The Ambassador of Peru, His Excellency Felix Denegri, held a function to welcome the Peruvian National team with a special dinner at his residence headed by Miguel Fuentes, the Second Secretary who also invited IFMA for this function which was truly a night of friendship and cooperation.

Good luck to the Peruvian National Team! Peru is the winner of 2014 IFMA social responsibility award and has truly become one of the outstanding nations of South America and IFMA would like to thank the Peruvian Government for its support and the Ambassador for the outstanding hospitality.