One Standard Muaythai Seminar in Abu Dhabi

Instructors from 20 Arab countries participated in the 4-day One Standard Muaythai IFMA seminar in Abu Dhabi. The event was headed by Thailand’s two masters from the IFMA Culture and […]

Blending Muaythai with Culture and Education

Promoting muaythai without discrimination, but with equality, and certainly fair play and friendship is IFMA’a philosophy. The cooperation between the Royal Thai Government, the National Federations, and IFMA as the IOC world-recognised […]

International One Standard Instructors Course

A six day coaching course came to an end with 282 coaches participating in this international course which covered all the important aspects of being a certified coach. This international […]

OSM Brazilian Wai Kru Course

Muaythai is an IOC recognized sport which includes many disciplines including Wai Kru competitions. Wai Kru Ram Muay plays an important part in muaythai and IFMA showing respect to the […]

Brazil Goes One Standard Muaythai

The Brazilian Muaythai Federation, under the Presidency of Mr. Carlos Camcho, one of the leading Muaythai federations in South America, just completed an important national teaching course to be aligned […]

IFMA Newsletter
One Standard Muaythai Soft Launch

Challenges create opportunities and the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been a challenge for not only muaythai, but for sport and the livelihood of many in general worldwide. Out of this […]