Royal Thai Embassy and Muaythai Colombia Promote Sport Diplomacy

Muaythai is more than just a competition sport. Muaythai is an ancient martial art based on the important values of life in which respect plays an important part.  IFMA strongly believes that muaythai unites people from all walks of life promoting friendship. Muaythai athletes prove everyday that competing with each other and shaking hands at […]

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Highlighting an IFMA Member’s outstanding accomplishments!

It was 2018 when Muaythai Colombia burst onto the international stage driven by a team of talented coaches led by a determined President and gentleman, David Gonzalez Escobar. After the World Championships in Cancun, 2018, David was inspired, he wasted no time setting big strategic goals for muaythai in his country. His goals were fourfold: […]

Sport is Your Gang Colombia Provides a Second Chance Colombian Youth

Gelen Melissa Cossio is a young happy Colombian girl with a difficult story behind her. She was born in CHOCO area… one of the most biodiverse places in the world but also one of the most dangerous places to live full with guerrillas, paramilitary forces, criminal gangs, corrupted politicians and the list goes on. Additionally, […]