Muaythai is more than just a competition sport. Muaythai is an ancient martial art based on the important values of life in which respect plays an important part.  IFMA strongly believes that muaythai unites people from all walks of life promoting friendship. Muaythai athletes prove everyday that competing with each other and shaking hands at the end of the contest is possible. IFMA strongly believes that through sport and certainly muaythai, standing in solidarity, we can make the world a better and more peaceful place.

The Colombian Muaythai Federation under the leadership of David Gonzales, is one of the most outstanding cooperation’s using the unifying power of muaythai to support and build healthy communities in Colombia.

The national federation has been working with the Royal Thai Embassy to promote muaythai. An important event took place organized by the Royal Thai Embassy and the Peruvian government to promote muaythai as a tool for cultural understanding and friendship between the countries of Peru and the Kingdom of Thailand.

The President of Colombia, His Excellency Ivan Duque, welcomed, His Excellency, Sor Sorayut Chasobat, the Thai ambassador of Thailand to Peru and the President of Colombian Muaythai for this special event. Muaythai will continue to work closely to continue to promote muaythai as a tool of building a peaceful and better world through muaythai.

A big thank you to the Colombian government, President Ivan Duque and Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez and Ambassador of Thailand to Peru Sorayut Chasombat and Colombian President of Muaythai, a member of IFMA David Gonzalez.