Challenges create opportunities and the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been a challenge for not only muaythai, but for sport and the livelihood of many in general worldwide. Out of this unprecedented challenge revealed an opportunity to reach and engage so many more athletes and practitioners of muaythai through the advancement of an online education platform.

What was first initiated as a way to uplift and keep the IFMA youth and athletes physically and mentally active through the #MuaythaiConnects Social and Active Challenge, expanded and evolved to the One Standard Muaythai online education platform as a means to educate all IFMA stakeholders through the reach and flexibility of an online platform.

The soft launch of OSM commenced at the beginning of this month presenting topics of Muaythai Technique, Wai Kru, Mae Mai Muaythai and Muaythai Fitness to all IFMA Members free of charge.

The launch of OSM was timed to provide IFMA youth and all athletes an online educational platform to practice various aspects of muaythai: technical, cultural and  fitness elements and to provide supplemental education and opportunities train with famous Thai Grand Masters and coaches of muaythai live, in the comfort of their own home. With the spirit of the IFMA Virtual Championships just around the corner, the themes of #strongertogether and #oneworldonemuaythai really have championed the atmosphere of the online classroom as athletes of various ages and backgrounds train together.

Classes will be held every day Monday-Friday live (please see the schedule below) and the classes will also be uploaded for replay on the IFMA YouTube channel.


Ajarn Chao (Chair of the Cultural & Heritage Commission) – will be teaching 2 classes per week with focus on the Wai Kru & Mai Muaythai for the upcoming IFMA Virtual Championships and certainly for anyone wishing to learn these cultural aspects of muaythai, not only for those that will be competing.


Kru Petch (Head Coach from Mongkon Academy, former muaythai champion, Thailand coach of the year and one of the head coaches in the Contender Asia TV show) – He will take you through techniques – how to perform them correctly and the Thai terminology for those techniques. This is a great addition to the training for the VC Shadow Box competition.

Max Fit:

Janice Lyn (Chair of IFMA Athletes Commission) and former world champion – taking you through the training for the drills in the Max Fit discipline of the Virtual Championships, as well as all the fitness aspects of muaythai.


All these classes are being offered free of charge as part of the IFMA service to its members, to ensure that all the IFMA members and family members can engage in healthy lifestyle, and at the same time continue to practice the IOC recognised art and sport of muaythai.