The 20th South America Muaythai Championships were a complete success!

More than 30 amateur fights took place, including athletes from 8 different countries, and 18 professional fights, saw the best boxers from South America confronting each other with remarkable skills. The event included a fabulous A-1 Super 8 on 67 KG weight category.

It was a complete day of pure muaythai. The show of laser and lights painted the night with extreme emotions for more than 1500 people who vividly encouraged their own country.
Fighters like Valentina and Antonina Shevchenko took part of the event, 2 professional Champions from Mexico also had their moment on the ring, and what to say about the rest of the teams: they all brought their best fighters and all bouts were absolutely great.

Valentina Shevchenko had the best on the first South America WMC Championship, fighting under the 63,5 KG category, against another great Champion from Argentina, Andrea Salazar. Valentina’s sister, Antonina, won the same title but on amateur mode, by confronting a kick boxing Argentinian Champion: Ruth Aquino. The belt of A-1 Champion went to Víctor Ccanto, from Peru, who won the great final against the WMC Argentinian Champion of that category: Matías Alvarez.

Every National Team was wearing their track suits with the IFMA and CSMT logos, an important detail that showed the great enthusiasm and union of the teams, but also the tremendous job that has been done on the sub-continent to promote the sport and art of muaythai.

Argentina was awarded the 1st place on country prize count, followed by Brazil, as 2nd, and Peru 3rd.