Copa São Paulo 2013 de Muaythai Amador

One of the biggest events for South American muaythai, “Copa São Paulo 2013 de Muaythai Amador”  will be taking place in the vibrant city of Bragança Paulista, located in Bragantina Region […]

WMC-IFMA South American Muaythai Championships

The 20th South America Muaythai Championships were a complete success! More than 30 amateur fights took place, including athletes from 8 different countries, and 18 professional fights, saw the best […]

19th South American Muaythai Tournament

September 26th will see the 19th South American Tournament held in Montevideo, Uruguay. Organised by the National Federation of Traditional Muaythai of Uruguay; under the patronage of the South American Muaythai […]