96 fully recognised IFMA national federations, plus 24 prospective federations, representatives from sport authorities and governments took part at the 24th IFMA Annual General Meeting, which was filled to the last seat. Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan was re-elected as IFMA President and presentations from future host cities were made.

The Swedish government made an impressive presentation for the World Championship 2016 to be held in Sweden; while the Vietnamese National Olympic Committee and government made a detailed presentation on the 2016 Asian Beach Games. The organising committee and National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan made a presentation on the 2017 Indoor Martial Arts games, Korea made a detailed presentation on the 2016 World Martial Arts festival in Cheong Ju, followed by a presentation on the 2017 World Games.

It was an emotional moment when 4 university student from 4 continents, carried in the official FISU flag and the entire room rose to their feet, honouring IFMA’s recognition in the FISU family while the official FISU anthem played.

The 5 hour meeting has truly shaped the landscape of IFMA for the next few years, with many decision made that will shape the future and the next generation of the sport of muaythai.