Hungarian Athletes Are Awarded for Winning Medals at the FISU World Championships

Hungarian Muaythai goes through its blossom after its athletes made the flag fly high in the World and European Championships winning medals of different values. Hungarian martial art community arranged a loud welcome every time the plane landed in the Budapest airport and athletes have been guests of national sports TVs and radio channels.

Awards for the Best athletes at the muaythai World University Championships

At the end of the muaythai World University Championships special awards were given out to athletes who stood out for their sporting skills, and also to athletes who showed the true muaythai spirit and character in some way during the event. These awards are separate to the medals which are won in the ring.

Day 3 at the muaythai World University Championships in Thailand!

Another great day of muaythai here in Pattaya with two of the bouts going down to the wire and winners going ahead by just one point at the end. Twenty-two universities were represented with some athletes competing at quarter-final stage which means medals are around the corner.  

Thailand hosts the muaythai university youth of the world!

Starting today, Thailand hosts the academic muaythai youth family with students from all over the world competing together. IFMA’s philosophy is a good fit with FISU, both promoting sports values and encouraging young athletes to apply these values to their everyday lives.