IFMA’s Intelligence Task Force Targets Cheaters

IFMA’S INTELLIGENCE TASK FORCE TARGETS CHEATERS One of IFMA’s main priorities is the protection of clean athletes, keeping the sport of Muaythai at the fairest and highest level. IFMA will continue to commit itself in combating any and all forms of cheating which is a threat to Muaythai and to maintain the integrity of the […]


Montreal, 7 July 2020 – The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) President, Witold Bańka, has kickstarted a series of meetings with athletes and athlete groups, following up on his personal pledge to engage meaningfully with the athlete community and on WADA’s overall commitment to being more athlete-centered as outlined within the Agency’s recently published Five-Year Strategic Plan. Witold Bańka, a former international-level […]

Launch of the IFMA #MuaythaiConnects Social Challenge

EVERYONE LOVES A CHALLENGE! #MuaythaiConnects The HQ of IFMA and UTS are presenting #muaythaiconnects, an opportunity, a fun challenge which you will not only share with the muaythai community but all those who follow your journey. This is an opportunity to contribute towards bringing positivity as we work to overcome Covid-19 and continue to use […]

The Rise of the Sudanese Muaythai

Only two years ago the Sudanese Muaythai Federation appeared on the muaythai map of the world establishing itself as a recognsed sport federation in Sudan. So many youth of Sudan have been inspired by the career and achievements of the former world muaythai champion and hero to many Faisal Zakaria Diamond Flyer and today this […]

IFMA reiterates its position on Anti Doping amongst Athletes.

IFMA reiterates its position on Anti Doping amongst Athletes. IFMA has recently reiterated its position that all athletes registered by National Federations for an IFMA event must have completed the Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping (ALPHA) course on the WADA Anti-Doping E-Learning Platform, prior to the event. This will be required for all […]

Clean sheet for anti-doping checks at IFMA World Championships

IFMA is proud to say independent doping tests carried out during the recent World Championships found all athletes negative, and the principle of Fair Play in muaythai was understood by all. Chair of the Medical Commission Dr Erdogan Aydin said: ‘I am proud to see that all of the athletes in Minsk could say ‘We […]

How to keep muaythai a clean sport under IFMA!

Muaythai athletes competing at IFMA events know muaythai is a proudly clean sport with zero tolerance for doping. IFMA works within the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to promote fairplay. Some athletes may need to take medication but they must apply for special permission if this medicine is on the WADA Prohibited List […]