Virtual Championship Gives Opportunities to Sport Is Your Gang Team Philippines

This year’s Virtual Championships not only opened participation for the IFMA members, but also to members running Sport Is Your Gang programmes to engage marginalised youth in their communities through muaythai. Not only did the Muaythai Association of the Philippines (MAP) enter an incredibly strong team to represent the nation at this year’s virtuals, but […]

Let the Games Begin

The World Virtual Championships 2021 started with over 70 countries participating in different disciplines, including wai kru, shadow boxing, mai muay, max fit, and shadow refereeing.  IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed the participants on the virtual platform, highlighted the solidarity of the IFMA family during these challenging times again, and praised the IFMA family’s innovation and […]

History Made with Online Referee Championships

The technical officials are of the highest importance to ensure safety and fair play on the field of play. IFMA is permanently evolving to guarantee most importantly the athlete’s safety and One Standard rules for all officials from around the world.  This year IFMA for the first time is not only giving opportunities to the athletes but also for […]

Opening Ceremony of the IFMA Virtual Championships

Today marks the official opening of the 2021 IFMA Virtial Championships!! After over a month of registrations and VDO submissions, IFMA kicks off this year’s Virtual Championships with the Official Opening Ceremony. IFMA Director Charissa Tynan stated: “This event promotes non-discrimination, inclusion, and equality. Regardless of the current pandemic it gives all our athletes and […]

Over 100 R&Js Attend the Training Webinar for IFMA Virtual Championships 2021

Over 100 technical officials and national federation administrators participated in the R&J Training Webinar for the 2021 IFMA Virtual World Championships last Friday. The session was opened by IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox who reiterated the importance of the event which brings opportunity to participate at an IFMA international event to those who may normally […]

Chinese Taipei Virtual Qualifiers

The Chinese Taipei Muaythai Association which is fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee has invited athletes from all over Chinese Taipei to participate in the national qualifiers to determine who will represent Chinese Taipei at the upcoming IFMA World Virtual Championships, and hopefully at the United Through Sports Virtual Youth Festival 2021.   Chinese […]

IFMA Newsletter
IFMA: A Virtual Game Changer

In its second year, the IFMA World Virtual Championships promises to introduce more innovative and exciting events that will showcase the skills of athletes, technical officials, and coaches. These three events are Mai Muay, pad works, and shadow referee. A youth ambassador category is also added in its commitment to showing cultural diversity and sport […]

First Gold Medalists of the Virtual Muaythai Championships

First Gold Medalists of the IFMA Virtual Muaythai Championships were announced as the Wai Kru Competition got to its final stage.  In the Youngest division J 10 Youth Ukrainian Team headed by the young talent Anastasia Yevtushenko won their final against the representatives of Sri Lanka led by Ishak Mohamed Fahid.  Both teams showed great […]