Muaythai Claims the Final Spot for the European Games 2023

All eyes have been on the European Games 2023, waiting in anticipation for the announcement of which sports would be awarded the final spots on the official medal program for the 2023 European Games in Poland. One of these coveted spots has been awarded to the sport and art of Muaythai, an ancient fighting art […]

2014 European Championship Sustainability Report

This year’s European Championship, organized by the European Muaythai Federation (EMF), was integrated into a part IFMA’s Sustainability Initiative. Sustainability is an integral part of IFMA, especially in the planning of major events like Continental and World Championships. With thousands of athletes, officials and spectators from over 40 different European countries participating in the event, […]

Ukraine, Team Winner of Europe

Ukraine National Muaythai team, with the full support of the Sports Ministry and the National Olympic Council of Ukraine, has become the 2014 European Championship team winner. Gennady Trukhanov, President of the Ukraine Muaythai Federation, stated that team Ukraine put in a lot of youth and female work to regain the number 1 spot in […]

European Championship Final Set Krakow on Fire

One of Europe’s most modern arenas the Krakow Arena, was chosen for the 2014 European Championship final and it was a night to remember for the approximately 10,000 spectators, teams and representatives from the neighbouring European countries.

EMF General Assembly

40 countries participated in this year’s EMF General Assembly, which was chaired by the new president of the EMF and the mayor of the beautiful city of Odessa, Mr Gennady Trukhanov . A special letter was sent from the National Olympic Council of Ukraine and International Olympic Committee Executive Board Member and one of the […]

Muaythai Gets Warm Welcome at City Hall in Krakow

All EMF and IFMA European Federation Presidents and representatives and the IFMA representative received a warm welcome at the beautiful and historical city hall in Krakow. The representative of the city of Krakow thanked all the European Muaythai Federations for coming to the historical city and for giving Krakow the honour of hosting the 2014 […]

2014 European Championship Press Conference

This year’s European Championship held in Krakow, Poland is the largest Muaythai championship event held to date in Europe, with 40 European countries being represented in the competitions. With an expected attendance of over 10,000 spectators, the finals on Sunday will be a must-watch event with thousands more from around the world tuning in to […]

Muaythai Live to set Krakow on Fire

Muaythai Live, the famous highly-entertaining live Muaythai show from Bangkok, Thailand will be sending a demonstration team to perform at the closing ceremony for the European Muaythai Championships on the 28th of September.