Muay Ying on Fire in Madrid!

Last weekend, the Spanish Kickboxing and Muaythai Federation celebrated its 25th anniversary gala at the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid with the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Mr. Alejandro Blanco, in full support of this momentous occasion and FEKM President Mr. Jesus Equia, giving a warm welcome of appreciation to everyone in attendance. Many […]

Happy International Women’s Day #BreaktheBias

To all amazing girls and women in the IFMA Family. Happy International Women’s Day. We will continue to be one family. We will continue to stand together for inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, respecting and understanding our differences and we always stand together for peace, for our children and towards a better tomorrow.

Islamic Republic of Iran Muaythai Federation General Assembly

Muaythai is one of the leading sports in the Islamic Republic of Iran and over the last years, Iranian Muaythai has showcased the Olympic Values of inclusion, equality and non-discrimination in so many ways. Under the Presidency of Mr. Javad Nasiri, Iranian Muaythai has become one of the strongest National Federations showcasing gender equality showcasing […]

Vamos Muay Ying Espana!

Thursday, August 5th Muay Ying Convivencia 2021 kicked off for an exciting 4 days devoted to everything Muaythai including training, key speakers from IFMA, female athlete experiences from both youth and elite and workshops devoted to health and wellness. Breaking down gender biases, the promotion of women in sport and recognizing that muaythai is for […]

HERStory: Muaythai Gender Equality in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran was the first national federation to challenge the IFMA uniform rules for women over a decade ago. This challenge was followed quickly by a call to meet to discuss how to drive gender equality for female athletes in Iran. The Iranian Muaythai Federation took action and invited the IFMA Female Commission to Tehran to […]

Muay Ying took Thailand by Storm

Muay Ying took Thailand by Storm And the first all-female Muaythai promotions and TV programmes began… To understand why an all-female fight card or a TV programme featuring female muaythai athletes is significant you must first understand this: In Thailand, where Muaythai originated, there was and in places still is a patriarchal hierarchical order that […]