In honour of Madiba’s birthday this Thursday 18th of July, The South African Amateur Muaythai Federation will be hosting “Kick and Roll the Habit”, a 67 minute Muaythai event challenge. This international challenge was started to create awareness around the violence, drugs and drug addiction  which surrounds us every day and a negative influence on our future decision makers, our kids from our social development program Muaythai Against Drugs.

‘Sport is Your Gang’ and partner Amy Biehl Foundations’ are eager to show their determination to making a difference and lead by example by kicking non-stop for 67 minutes at the Dragon Power Youth Centre, hence the “Kick The Habit” slogan.

The event is open to the public to join in on Thursday, and the organisers want everyone to have fun and take turns to hold the kick-pads for the kids.  Last year was the first time the SAAMF hosted  the event, between three youths they managed to kick 7756 kicks in 67 minutes.  This year a van sponsored by Jarred Tours will transport the kids for the event, so it’s going to be bigger and better and the media will there to capture the story!


Dragon Power Youth Centre under the SAAMF allows those involved an opportunity to give back to society.  To play a role in the community that creates a social responsibility towards our youth and young adults through the medium of disciplines like Muaythai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, other Martial arts and Drumming.  To provide youth and young adults with a safe and controlled environment with an opportunity to stop the intake of drugs and alcohol, receive their official national colours in the martial art sport, build a positive character reference, cultural exchange, understand and maintain punctuality, discipline, manners and respect.  Be able to learn soft and hard skills.


“Time Waits For No One” the famous slogan from 2 x World Muaythai Champion Sifu/Kru Quentin ‘Dragon’ Chong who started this program in the 90’s.  The truth is that the youth and young adults are in need of help. Without support and funding the Youth Centre and the programs will not exist,  any donation in any form or shape is most appreciated. The project has a reach of over 2000 kids in the Western Cape alone and the organisers desperately need to cover just the basics in terms of transport and food.  With donations and support for this on-going cause, kids will be given an opportunity to make their dreams come true,  giving hope to the future decision makers of South Africa.

Donations are most welcome. Please contact IFMA should you wish to do so and we will put you in contact with the organisers from SAAMF.