The history will be made at the IFMA World Virtual Championships 2020 that athlete over 40 years will have a chance to relive the time of their competition years as the Master Divisions are officially part of the Aero Fit, Max Fit, Wai Kru and Shadow Box. 

A full fledged event will be introduced to all competitors with rules set by the IFMA International Referees. 

Competitors will receive a briefing by the judges to ensure they understand the format of the competition, and understand the signals that will be given to indicate the beginning and end of their round. No concessions will be given to participants and only the most prepared will get to the podium of the first ever international IFMA event giving a chance to so many athletes who would not be able to wear competition uniform again.

IFMA is truly proud about giving opportunity to Muaythai practitioners to become Muaythai competitors with the Virtual Championships, and to use Muaythai as a tool for thousands of people to stay positive and motivated in the most challenging times.