The Brazilian Muaythai Federation which is fully recognized by the National Olympic Committee organized an important Ambassador Cup in cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy. To celebrate the close relationships between Brazil and Thailand but also to celebrate the nearly two-year recognition of Muaythai by the International Olympic Committee.

Male and female athletes from all regions fought with heart but only one official belt was presented by, Mr. Jirattidol Tantipakdee, First Secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy, the National Olympic Committee, the President of the National Federation, Mr. Carlos Camacho and the Vice President of CBMTT, Rafael Jesini.

The night saw exciting matches and the Royal Thai Embassy praised the development of Muaythai in Brazil and the national federation in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry. The athletes really showcased why Brazil is one of the leading countries of muaythai showcasing the bright future of muaythai in Brazil.

The Male Super 8 Tournament and Female Super 4 Tournament showcased stellar performances.

FIGHT 1 • Men’s Quarter Finals

 🔴 RJ vs BA 🔵

 In the first fight, we had Dolf Lander (RJ) and Mateus Santos (BA) facing each other in the first round of the men’s GP.  Dolf dominated the 3 rounds in the judges’ scoring and won by decision, advancing to the semifinal.

FIGHT 2 • Men’s Quarter Finals

 🔴 PA x SP 🔵

In the second match, we had Yuri Oliveira (PA) and Caio Ribeiro (SP) disputing another spot in the semifinal.  Yuri set a strong pace for the athlete from São Paulo and completely dominated the first round, taking Caio to two knockdowns.  In the second round, after 3 more counts, the referee stopped the fight and Yuri won by TKO.

FIGHT 3 • Men’s Quarter Finals

 🔴 SP vs SC 🔵

We had Davisson Paixão (SP) and Filipe Marcolino (SC) in the third fight.  In a fierce dispute during the 3 rounds where every blow and every point was disputed, the man from São Paulo took the advantage and won the man from Santa Catarina by decision, advancing to the semifinal.

FIGHT 4 • Men’s Quarter Finals

 🔴 TO x AL 🔵

In the fourth fight, we had Leonardo Cruz (TO) against Iuri Silva (AL).  Leonardo dominated the entire first round, leading the Alagoan to 3 knockdowns.  After the break, the Tocantins native continued to impose his game against Iuri, and after 2 more counts, the referee interrupted the fight, leading Leonardo to victory by TKO.

FIGHT 5 • Women’s Semifinal

 🔴 TO x PA 🔵

In the fifth fight, we had the debut of the girls on the card, in the semifinal of the women’s GP between Raillene Neves (TO) and Yara Almeida (PA).  Paraense Yara dominated with a wide advantage in the 3 rounds, taking Raillene to 3 knockdowns during the fight and winning the victory by decision and the first place in the women’s final.

FIGHT 6 • Men’s semifinal

 🔴 RJ vs PA 🔵

In the first men’s semifinal, we had Dolf Lander (RJ) and Yuri Oliveira (PA).  In the fierce dispute round by round, Yuri from Pará took advantage of the points in 2 of the 3 rounds, winning by decision and winning the first spot in the men’s final.

FIGHT 7 • Women’s Semifinal

 🔴 RS x SC 🔵

In the seventh fight, we had the last female semifinal between Eduarda Leal (RS) and Courtney Cunha (SC).  In the fiercest dispute of the night, the gaúcha and the catarinense even tied the fight, with the judges breaking the tie in the details of the score, giving the victory to Courtney by decision, in addition to the vacancy for the grand final.

FIGHT 8 • Men’s semifinal

 🔴 SP x TO 🔵

In the last dispute for a spot in the men’s final, we had Davisson Paixão (SP) and Leonardo Cruz (TO).  After a hard first round, giving only a slight advantage to the São Paulo native, Leonardo from Tocantins suffered a deep cut on his right eyebrow in the second round, leading the referee to end the fight and giving Davisson the victory by TKO as well as the place in the big Final.

FIGHT 9 • Women’s Final

 🔴 PA x SC 🔵

In the women’s grand final, we had Yara Almeida (PA) and Courtney Cunha (SC).  In an electrifying fight, the girls put on a great show for those present.  Yara led the judges’ score in all rounds, crowning her victory with a knockdown in the third round and consecrating herself as the great champion of the Female Flyweight Ambassador Cup of Champions belt from the Royal Thai Embassy in Brazil.

 FIGHT 10 • Men’s Final

 🔴 PA x SP 🔵

 In the men’s grand final, we had Yuri Oliveira (PA) and Davisson Paixão (SP).  After 2 tough fights each, both athletes were feeling the effects of the previous fights of the night, but even so they had a lot of heart and put on a great show for everyone present.  In an electrifying fight, Yuri took the advantage in the first round, making Davisson come back eagerly for the second to tie, and so he did.  With the match tied, expectations for the third round raised the crowd, and Davisson from São Paulo took the advantage and emerged victorious, becoming the great champion of the Male Lightweight Ambassador Cup of Champions belt from the Royal Thai Embassy in Brazil.

Congratulations to everyone on this exceptional night!