History is made at the 31st IFMA Muaythai South American Championships

Rio de Janerio is a town with a proud sporting history. Everyone remembers the historical Olympic Games 2016, FIFA World Cup 2014 and so many premiere sporting events. The Confederacao Brasileira de Muaythai Tradicional (CBMTT) is a fully recognized federation and sport in Brazil recognized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee and CBMTT is a proud […]

All Together Now: Brazilian Muaythai Breaks Records

CBMTT, the official Brazilian Muaythai Federation which is fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee of Brazil and the Brazilian Sports Ministry conducted a virtual workshop for the 22 regional federations with 1472 participants. The main speakers were directors from CBMTT including Carlos Camacho, Paulo Petinga Cafuringa and Alexandre Laguna with discussions on how CBMTT has used the pandemic and the […]

Copa São Paulo 2013 de Muaythai Amador

One of the biggest events for South American muaythai, “Copa São Paulo 2013 de Muaythai Amador”  will be taking place in the vibrant city of Bragança Paulista, located in Bragantina Region near Vale do Paraíba. 

Brazil: Beach Fight

One of the busiest events of the South American summer, the Beach Fight, will be happening for a second time in the paradise of Arambaré, located in southern Brazil. This event is being held to select the best amateur athletes of the new year.

Brazil prepares for the 2012 World Championships

Last weekend, from July 21st – 22nd, the Brazilian Muaythai Championship was held in Curitiba, Paraná, a wonderful city in southern Brazil. Many prominent personalities took part in the Championship opening ceremony, including the Curitiba Municipal Secretary of Sports, Recreation and Youth, Mr. Marcelo Richa and the Paraná State Secretary of Sports, Mr. Rudimar Fedrigo, as […]