Regardless of where programs and events are held, from the local stage to the international stage like the European Championships or World Championships, IFMA makes a point to apply the five pillars of Muaythai inside the ring as well as outside the rings. IFMA aims to respect and honour the locality and community through fair play and excellence and will continue look to make it a tradition of sustainability for all future programs events.

All events under IFMA follow the AISTS Sustainable Sport & Event Toolkit (SSET), an initiative developed by AISTS Mastering Sport, along with IFMA’s Sustainable Sport Event Framework which follows closely to the above guidelines. IFMA is able to work closely with local organizing committees and local governments wherever events are held in order to plan and prepare in advance, the event venue and ensure that the event will make a positive impact in the local community.

IFMA and the Muaythai family will continue to be at the forefront in taking on the sustainability issues and will never cease to work towards making our communities and the world we live in a better place.