IFMA’s Tree of Hope for Earth Day 2021

In preparation for Earth Day this year, which centred on the theme “Restore Our Earth”, the IFMA family and stakeholders were called on to share a message of hope for the planet and contribute to the IFMA’s Tree of Hope. Hundreds of eco-conscious muaythai members took to their social media walls and posted their messages […]


The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has today launched, a web portal devoted to sustainability issues such as climate change, economic inequality and social injustice.   The portal has been created to help further sport’s sustainability goals, by providing a free tool where sustainability resources from […]

Muaythai and Sustainability

Regardless of where programs and events are held, from the local stage to the international stage like the European Championships or World Championships, IFMA makes a point to apply the five pillars of Muaythai inside the ring as well as outside the rings. IFMA aims to respect and honour the locality and community through fair […]

2014 European Championship Sustainability Report

This year’s European Championship, organized by the European Muaythai Federation (EMF), was integrated into a part IFMA’s Sustainability Initiative. Sustainability is an integral part of IFMA, especially in the planning of major events like Continental and World Championships. With thousands of athletes, officials and spectators from over 40 different European countries participating in the event, […]

IFMA’s Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability through sport in this day and age is a key factor which must be implemented into any program or event conducted by IFMA in order to take the environment and community into account through collaborating with the onsite locals and authorities. By implementing the important principles of sustainability into IFMA’s program and event operations, IFMA is […]

IFMAs Sustainability Initiative at the 2014 World Championships

This year’s IFMA World Muaythai Championship, held in Langkawi, Malaysia at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, was an immense success, with a total of 102 different countries participating in the event. While their focus has been promoting Muaythai, IFMA has also been very active behind the scenes in helping out the local communities where events […]