Last weekend, the Spanish Kickboxing and Muaythai Federation celebrated its 25th anniversary gala at the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid with the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Mr. Alejandro Blanco, in full support of this momentous occasion and FEKM President Mr. Jesus Equia, giving a warm welcome of appreciation to everyone in attendance.

Many authorities were in attendance including IFMA Director General, Ms. Charissa Tynan, former Olympic Medalist, Ms. Coral Bistuer, representatives from Black Belt Magazine, Mr. Alfredo Tucci, Marca TV, Mr. Juan Ignacio Gallardo, Laliga Sports, Mr. Carlos Del Campo and Liutenant Colonel Jose Juan Robles, National Police Director, Mr. Jose Luis Tejedor and legendary Dutch Kick Boxer, Ernesto Hoost.

The evening was showered with live entertainment by Spanish Rap artist Jessica Garcia, and many prizes and recognitions were awarded to athletes and relevant people in Spanish sport including up-and-coming female Spanish athlete, Lara Fernandez for Best Muaythai Athlete presented by IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan.

Another award went to the project “Muay Ying Movimiento” led by Spanish Muaythai Champion and IFMA Athletes’ Commission Member, Sarai Medina, for the “Sports and Women Award” presented by Rosa Ortetga from Consejo Superior de Deportes.

Muay Ying Movimiento, under the umbrella of IFMA and with the support of FEKM, has been on the rise, working to promote gender equality in Muaythai in Spain since 2019. The aim of this movement is to develop all aspects of female participation in Muaythai through the development of female athletes, trainers, officials and fueling passion and enthusiasm for the sport of Muaythai with various activities to foster and strengthen community.

Muay Ying Movimiento is spreading like wild fire to different parts of the Americas and Europe and has chapters developing now in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, Holland and Italy.

Congratulations to Muay Ying Movimiento and to Sarai Medina for her hard work and dedication towards making Muaythai more gender equal in Spain and now, around the world!