Muay Ying on Fire in Madrid!

Last weekend, the Spanish Kickboxing and Muaythai Federation celebrated its 25th anniversary gala at the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid with the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Mr. Alejandro Blanco, in full support of this momentous occasion and FEKM President Mr. Jesus Equia, giving a warm welcome of appreciation to everyone in attendance. Many […]

Spanish Olympic Committee Celebrates 25 Years of FEKM in Madrid

A special gala took place to celebrate 25 years of Muaythai in Spain and the recognition of Muaythai by the International Olympic Committee. The event took place inside the most fitting location, the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid, and was opened by the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Mr. Alejandro Blanco. The President praised […]

Nak Muay 8 Series is Back!

IFMA’s main event this year will be the World Games in Birmingham in which qualifications around the world are already now in full swing. IFMA believes in gender equality and therefore the World Games has an equal number of male and female competitors this time around. The Spanish Muaythai Federation has done outstanding work over […]

Vamos Muay Ying Espana!

Thursday, August 5th Muay Ying Convivencia 2021 kicked off for an exciting 4 days devoted to everything Muaythai including training, key speakers from IFMA, female athlete experiences from both youth and elite and workshops devoted to health and wellness. Breaking down gender biases, the promotion of women in sport and recognizing that muaythai is for […]

Muay Ying Movimiento

This is a project that didn’t just arise overnight. After many years of being involved in the practice of Muaythai we started to realise how hard it was for girls and women to become part of this world, not only in the competition field but in many other aspects surrounding the sport. This realisation is […]

National Championships Kick off in Spain

The Spanish National Championships kicks off today with the first combined event where muaythai and kickboxing will share the venue and bring the biggest names from both combat sports. The city of Guadalajara will become the centre of combat for three upcoming days hosting two competitions.Sunday will see the finals featured by one of the top Spanish […]