The King’s Cup 2010 Super 8 tournament promoted by BlackHawk Sports AG, One Songchai and the WMC was one of the best muaythai nights in Thailand.

Sanam Sueapa was packed to the bursting point and the VIP section was filled with the who’s who in sport and politics.

The first fight of the evening saw reigning King’s Cup champion Cosmo Alexandre up against Canada’s Jesse Miles in a very close fight, Jesse Miles showing that he could go toe to toe with just about anyone in the world, but Cosmo took the win in a very close decision.

The next fight saw Germany’s Alex Vogel up against China’s Xan Yu in an absolute war. Xan Yu managed to knock down the German, but Vogel bounced back to take the win on points.

Up next was England’s Jordan Watson up against France’s Antoine Siangboxing, a last minute replacement for Iranian Kaveh Soleimani, who dropped out in the eleventh hour due to a sudden onset of acute stomach pains. Jordan took the win after going down to the score cards.

The final bout of the first round saw South African Vuyisile Colossa enter the ring to face the hope of Thailand, Yodsaenklai. The crowd roared with shouts of support and applause as Yodsaenklai made his entrance to the ring in front of the home crowd. A great fight, Yodsaenklai landing his mid-section kicks taking Colossa of guard, while Colossa focused on his boxing game. The fight went down to the score cards and Yodsaenklai took the win to advance on the semis to face Jordan.

The next round saw Cosmo take on Vogel in a great fight, Vogel truly a surprise package, pushing Cosmo to the limit, but in the end Cosmo was just too strong and took the win on points.

The last semifinal of the night to decide who would face Cosmo in the finals was between Jordan Watson and Yodsaenklai in an all-out war. World-class performances from both boys, with Yodsaenklai winning by narrow decision.

The King’s Cup final between Thailand’s Yodsaenklai and Brazil’s Cosmo Alexandre saw the crowd watching with bated breath in hopes of Yodsanklai brining the trophy home.

Both went toe to toe for three rounds of full-on, non-stop action. In the end there could only be one winner with a close decision going the way of Yodsaenklai who received loud cheers from the home crowd for claiming the trophy.

For the first time in history, the event was televised live via satellite. A special thanks to BlackHawk Sports AG for taking King’s Cup to a whole new level. A big thank you also to the main sponsor FightLife whom without the event would not have been possible!