Kings Cup 2012

December the 5th is one of the most important days in the Muaythai calendar, as well as the world calendar, as it marks the birthday of His Royal Majesty the King of Thailand.

King’s Cup 2010 to Air on EuroSport TONIGHT!

Don’t miss out as King’s Cup 2010 gets broadcast all over Europe tonight on EUROSPORT! The event will be aired tonight, 24th February 2011 @ 20:00 on EUROSPORT More information can be found at –

King’s Cup 2010 – Oh What a Night!

The King’s Cup 2010 Super 8 tournament promoted by BlackHawk Sports AG, One Songchai and the WMC was one of the best muaythai nights in Thailand. Sanam Sueapa was packed to the bursting point and the VIP section was filled with the who’s who in sport and politics. The first fight of the evening saw […]

Press Conference: King’s Cup 2010

The WMC, BlackHawk Sports AG and One Songchai staged a combined press conference to do the official draw for the King’s Cup 2010 super 8 tournament. The press conference was presided over by H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya, privy councilor to HM the King. General Chetta Thanajaro, WMC President, Benjamin Aebisher and Marin Huter of BlackHawk […]

Press Conference – King’s Cup Supreme Muaythai Tournament 2010, December 5th

While reminding everyone that this year’s King’s Cup muaythai Super 8 event has been moved to a new location, Sanam Suar Par, we would like to announce the 8 fighters and the draw for the tournament. Yesterday, 3rd of December, the official press conference took place. It was a full house event, with over 300 […]

Press Release: King’s Cup, 5th December Moved to Sanam Suar Par‏

This year’s Muaythai King’s Cup event will be held at Sanam Suepa instead of Sanam Luang as in previous years. Sanam Suepa, located opposite Suan Amporn near the King Rama V Monument (see map) in the Dusit Palace district in Bangkok, is notable as the venue of the annual Bangkok Jazz Festival. The event is […]

Press Release
Press release – King’s cup 2010

One Songchai, Blackhawk Sports AG, and the WMC have joined forces again for the December 5th King’s Cup celebration in honor of His Majesty the King’s 83rd birthday. Last year was historic, as for the first time the trophy donated by His Majesty went outside of Thailand, as Cosmo Alexandre, from Santos, Brazil, won his […]

Cosmo Alexandre Breaks Thailand‘s Heart at the 2009 King‘s Cup

December 5th, on His Majesty the King of Thailand‘s 82nd birthday, the entire Thai nation witnessed as the best fighters from all around the world made their way to the Kingdom with only one mission in mind; to bring home the King‘s Cup trophy, which was donated by His Majesty himself. The opening of King‘s […]