Every Muaythai training starts with athletes shadow boxing to polish their skills for their competition. IFMA is taking Shadow Box to the next level making it a separate competition for participants of the Virtual Muaythai Championships.

This competition will focus on the contestants’ ability to demonstrate the attack and defence skill and technique in the art of Muaythai. This will be completed LIVE in a virtual arena and scored by 2-3 Judges. 

Participants will be drawn into a bracket, and will be given their assigned competition time slot and provided with a link to enter the virtual competition arena where the judges will be in attendance. Winners will advance to the next round on the bracket and will be provided with a new link and competition time slot.

Participants from 10 to over 40 years are invited to be part of this event and be judged by IFMA International Technical Officials. 

Stay tuned for the registration of the teams.