UNESCO has a long standing history of supporting youth in a proactive manner that places them right where they should be, at the centre.

The uniqueness and vast array of qualities martial arts and combat sports have, was given acknowledgement by UNESCO particularly towards positive development of youth. The GAISF family has 15 IOC and/or GAISF recognised martial art members. All of them implementing the potential of martial arts as a positive force to improve the lives of young women and men around the world. With the recent UNESCO publication exemplifying an extensive body of research, it stands to illustrate the diversity of martial art programs and gives data driven examples of sport practices and martial arts as an empowering tool for youth development. AIMS President & IFMA Secretary General Mr Stephan Fox and AIMS Council member Mr Michal Büchel, both contributed and supported this crucial research and publication. Appreciation, gratitude and thanks must be given to UNESCO for their ongoing partnership, contribution and vision towards the future of our youth.