IFMA Contribution To UNESCO Publication: Youth Development Through Martial Arts

UNESCO has a long standing history of supporting youth in a proactive manner that places them right where they should be, at the centre. The uniqueness and vast array of qualities martial arts and combat sports have, was given acknowledgement by UNESCO particularly towards positive development of youth. The GAISF family has 15 IOC and/or […]

UNESCO working with Muaythai in The Philippines for youth and sport!

The Philippines saw two IOC recognized sports, muaythai and basketball come together with support from UNESCO to build a sport space for urban children lacking opportunities for exercise. Basketball and muaythai enjoy a close cooperation from the top level and it is notable to see that the President of SportAccord represents basketball and Vice President […]

UNESCO Evaluation Framework in Action on IFMA’s Initiatives

UNESCO representative, Ms Caroline Baxter Tresise, and Secretary General of The Philippines Muaythai Federation, Ms Pearl Managuelod, recently travelled to Lima, Peru to observe some of IFMA’s strongest social programmes run by the Peruvian Muaythai Federation under Mr Rodrigo Jorquera. The purpose was to test a new UNESCO Evaluation Framework for Social projects that is […]

Special Youth Cultural Exchange at the YWC 2016

Cultural exchange is an important part of any sporting event and for over 15 years, IFMA includes exchange events at every event. For the IFMA Youth World Championships, IFMA collaborated with the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) to engage in a special intercultural exchange programme with a number of selected schools in Bangkok on the morning of the 29th August […]

Day 5: UNESCO, gold medals, and dancing!

Today we went from the excitement of gold medal fights to the elegance of the Wai Khru with our first ever contest for this important part of our sport. And the day began with an inspiring meeting with UNESCO Bangkok and the signing of a partnerships agreement on youth and education.

Muaythai & UNESCO

This year kicked off splendidly for the Hellenic Muaythai Federation (HMF) with an agreement of cooperation with UNESCO, which is taking action in order to promote muaythai the best possible way. HMF and UNESCO joined together for the first time last summer, when muaythai was part of the multi-cultural week organised in Athens by UNESCO. Since […]