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The path to becoming fully IOC recognised

A checklist of paperwork and deserved recognition to our people behind this success. With full IOC recognition literally moments away it is only poignant that we take a close look at the logistics and intricacies behind applying to the IOC for recognition to be the unequivocal internationally recognised federation governing the sport of Muaythai. To […]

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IFMA: A Virtual Game Changer

In its second year, the IFMA World Virtual Championships promises to introduce more innovative and exciting events that will showcase the skills of athletes, technical officials, and coaches. These three events are Mai Muay, pad works, and shadow referee. A youth ambassador category is also added in its commitment to showing cultural diversity and sport […]

HERStory: Muaythai Gender Equality in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran was the first national federation to challenge the IFMA uniform rules for women over a decade ago. This challenge was followed quickly by a call to meet to discuss how to drive gender equality for female athletes in Iran. The Iranian Muaythai Federation took action and invited the IFMA Female Commission to Tehran to […]

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Relationships of athletes & coaches with the officials

As we all know, Muaythai is a highly emotional sport. Everyone involved commits so much to the aspects of the sport they are involved in. Athlete’s lives revolve around training, nutrition and their recovery while in fight camp. Coaches spend hours behind the pads prepping their athletes physically, mentally and emotionally, and officials are constantly […]

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Past, Present & Future

In my country there is a proverb (a whakataukĩ) that suggests, “If you understand where you are from and who you are then you will know where you are going.” When I think of this proverb, it is our latest collective accomplishment that comes to mind – we literally have only one month until we […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Muaythai Development towards the World Combat Games 2023

First Female Saudi Muaythai Championships After the first all-female coaching seminar coordinated by the Chair of the IFMA Athletes Commission and former world champion Janice Lyn, Saudi held their first female national youth championships.    The event was held under the sanctioning of the National Olympic Committee. Nak Muay Ying from all Saudi regions coming […]

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Officiating IFMA vs WMC

This month we take a look at the differences with officiating bouts under IFMA and WMC rules. As an official in a sport where the difference between winning and losing can be but a fraction of a margin, It is important that we know what we are looking for whether it be an IFMA or […]