IFMA is about to make history with the  kick off of the first ever World Virtual Championships 2020. 

Not only will this event make history for the new format but also as it becomes one of the biggest events by the number of participants as it is the first time everyone gets an equal chance to be part of the world tournament. 

Preparation for the event goes back to early spring when the event was announced. Since then and a lot of work, planning and technical scheduling have been made to bring us to this day where we will soon bring concept to reality in an event which becomes a once in a life time chance for so many athletes.

IFMA Director Ms. Charissa Tynan stated that the work volume and human power necessary for preparation of the event can be compared to the regular IFMA events and countless hours of conference calls with technical partners, referees’ briefing, and coordination call are necessary to ensure that all the components of the event are in place and the event can run according to plan and course correction made quickly when necessary, which is only natural for a such a pilot event.

From the 27th of October until 1 November, Muaythai will go online and more than 800 virtual bouts will result in winners of the historical event – The IFMA World Virtual Muaythai Championships 2020!!