The International World Games Association (IWGA) has nominated Muaythai’s own Vewart Comta for the Athlete of the Year award. As the gold medalist at the Royal World Cup and the winner of the King’s Cup, the nomination for this important award is truly well deserved.

The voting will take place at the IWGA website and continue till the end of January and the athlete with the highest number of votes will become the Athlete of the Year 2015.


2015 has been a year of the first qualifiers for the World Games and muaythai has been the sport to present the first athlete receiving the ticket to Wroclaw to participate in the World Games 2017.
IFMA would like to encourage the whole muaythai community to gather our efforts and vote for muaythai every day to show the true unity of the sport; next year in Poland muaythai can celebrate another victory at the venue of the World Games 2017.