A meeting of The World Games 2017 partners took place on the 20th of November in Wroclaw, Poland. Wroclaw will stage the multisport event from August 3rd until the 17th. August 2017. Wroclaw, a city with 700.000 residents, is located on the western part of Poland.

Rafal Szlachta, General Secretary of the European Muaythai Federation participated in the meeting where he represented the sport of muaythai, a proud and new member of the IWGA. Mr. Szlachta among the representatives of other sports such as American football, Indoor Rowing/ergometers, Indoor football, Motorcycle speedway, Chess, Combined driving (also known as horse driving trials) and Baseball, had the wonderful opportunity to make a presentation on Muaythai in Europe and globally, and informed IWGA partners on muaythai’s achievements and goals for the near future.