The 6th of February was officially declared Muaythai Day, held in honour of the historic King Sanphet VIII (also known as “Phra Chao Suea” the “Tiger King”), to mark his coronation day in 1702.

Yesterday marked the historical inauguration of celebrations worldwide, and also by the Royal Thai government with a festival jointly organised by the Royal Thai Government and National Culture Commission at the Ministry of Culture yesterday.

Deputy Minister for Culture Adisak Benjasiriwan presided over the proceedings together with the President of the AMTAT and the IFMA Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan. Representing the international muaythai community was the General Secretary of IFMA, Stephan Fox. Many other international muaythai community representatives travelled to Thailand to be part of the celebrations some of whom included the General Secretary of the Federation of Amateur Muaythai of Asia (FAMA) Mervyn Tan, the Vice President of the European Muaythai Federation (EMF) Detlef Turnau and many others.

The festivities kicked off with a special ceremony to pay homage to the late Tiger King, which was followed with a succession of beautiful wai kru demonstrations in all of the 6 different styles – Muay Lopburi, Muay Chaiya, Muay Tah Sao, Muay Pak Klang, Muay Korad and Muay Palasueksa.  The audience was then entertained with a special performance by Thai and international superstars such as the WMC world champion Yodsanklai, Saiyok Pumpanmuang (recent winner of HM the King’s Royal Trophy) both of whom will all be participating at the upcoming Thai Fight which will be organised in cooperation with the Thailand National Culture Commission and IFMA to promote the Muaythai Towards Highest Sport Recognition campaign.

It was a glorious day for Muaythai!!