Forty of the world’s best male and female athletes will be facing off for the Muaythai Premiere League, in five different weight categories, starting from September 2nd in Los Angeles, USA.

Every month the fighters will move to a different country, with the second event in line being held on October 10th, in Rome, Italy.

Two years of planning have brought to this exciting concept, which will be aired on the leading sport channels around the world. Each event will have a one hour documentary, called Into the Fire, which will tell the stories of the athletes, their dreams and hopes, and how muaythai has shaped their lives.

For the next ten months, from L.A. to Rome, to Amsterdam, to Bangkok, the world will be run over by a muaythai fever. At the end, only five will be standing and awarded as the Muaythai Premiere League Champion of all Champions.

Los Angeles will see the first series of world class fighters matching up as follows:

63.5 kg – Angelique Pitiot (FRA) VS Valentina Shevchenko (PER)

63.5 kg – Martina Jindrova (CZE) VS Julie Kitchen (UK)

66.6 kg – Mehdi Zatout (FRA) VS Denis Schneidmiller (GER)

66.6 kg – Michael Dicks (UK) VS Leo Monteiro (BRA)

72.5 kg – Yohan Lidon (FRA) VS Yodsanklai (THA)

72.5 kg – Marco Pique (NED) VS Nieky Holzken (NED)

82.5 kg – Simon Marcus (CAN) VS Artem Vakhitov (RUS)

82.5 kg – Artem Levin (RUS) VS David Keclik (AUT)

95 kg – Tomas Hron (CZE) VS Nathan Corbett (AUS)

95 kg – Martin Jahn (GER) VS Filip Verlinden (BLG)

WMC Title Fight – Buakaw Por. Pramuk (THA) VS Warren Stevelmans (RSA)

WMC Title Fight – Baxter Humby (USA) VS Zidov Domenik (CHE)

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