The Vendetta Cup is an annual one-day Muaythai competition organised by Vendetta Gym and Lithuanian Muaythai Union. All the fights are under IFMA rules.

Numerous Lithuanian fighters participate in this annual event and 2009 saw 90 athletes participating.

This year almost all LMTU gyms expressed an interest participating in the competition.

he following gyms are expected to participate this year…

“Vendetta” (Vilnius), “Sinobis” (Vilnius), “Viksoras” (Vilnius), “Status” (Vilnius), “Titanas” (Kaunas), “J.Vincos” (Kaunas), “Remeris” (Marijampole), “Sakalas” (Lazdijai), “Vilkas” (Ukmerge), “Muay Thai karys” (Zarasai), “Liuto narvas” (Svencionys), “Impulsas” (Utena), “Gladiatorius” (Panevezys), “Vega” (Panevezys), “Gladiatoriai” (Siauliai), “MT Imperija” (Klaipeda).

The event will be held on the 23rd of January at 11 am at Vendetta Gym.

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