The amateur and professional sides of muaythai work very closely together and the strict monitoring of development is our highest priority. IFMA also prides itself in having a very active and successful youth development program. Many fighters started their career in the IFMA World Championships before progressing into muaythai superstars. Fighters such as Buakow, Kyshenko, Slowinski, Ramazan, Askerov, and the list goes on, have all been amateur champions. Today they are household names, superstars in the sport and feature on leading sport channels around the globe. These fighters have become role models and ambassadors for a new generation of fighters training to take their places in the future.


Buakow Por Pramuk (Thailand)
Buakow is one of Thailand’s best known exports, a 2 times world champion and also one of the most famous K1 Max fighters. Buakow is known for his athletic look and is one of the pin-up boys of muaythai.


Artem Levin (Russia)
Artem Levin needs no introduction to anyone in the fighting world – 4 times world champion, 2 times “Best Boxer of Kings Cup” world championship, 5 times European champion, Levin is one of the most recognizable faces in muaythai. In the ring he is known for his ‘never say die’ attitude, and out of the ring for his friendly and easygoing personality.


Valentina Shevchenko (Kyrgyzstan)
Valentina is with no doubt one of the most successful female fighters of the world. She has been the only female winning the World Championship three times and was twice awarded Best Female Boxer of the Year. Valentina has been honoured by the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the female athlete of the year.

Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine)
Artur Kyshenko is also one of the pin-up boys of the sport, known for his good looks and skills in the ring. He is a 2 times world champion, 2 times European champion, and an absolute superstar, especially in Japan.

Yodsanklai (Thailand)
4 times world champion, and winner of the biggest single prize money in muaythai, by winning the reality show Contender Asia, watched by over 400 million people, Yod is known for his shins of steel, and razor sharp elbows.

Markus Oberg (Sweden)
Oberg is the European champion, and one of the national heroes in Sweden. Oberg fills fighting arenas to bursting point, and is one of the most skilful European fighters.

Andrei Kulebin (Belarus)
A 4 times world champion, 3 times European champion who has made his way from the junior ranks to one of the most recognised faces in the sport. Kulebin has reached megastar status in Hong Kong and many other Asian countries by beating the best Asia has to offer.

Misty Sutherland (Canada)
Misty is the North American champion, former world champion, and one of the true ambassadors in the sport. She is known for her good looks and her fearless fighting tactics, but also for her fair play both in and out of the ring.

Sanchai (Thailand)
Sanchai is 2 times Thai Fighter of the Year, and one of the superstars around the world. Sanchai is known for his traditional fighting style taking the old style of muay boran as part of his fighting techniques, to the delight of audiences everywhere.