Only two years ago the Sudanese Muaythai Federation appeared on the muaythai map of the world establishing itself as a recognsed sport federation in Sudan.

So many youth of Sudan have been inspired by the career and achievements of the former world muaythai champion and hero to many Faisal Zakaria Diamond Flyer and today this example empowers them to become champions in Muaythai, to pave for them a more structured and definitive path to success within the sport known as the art of eight weapons  – to provide for the young and aspiring nakmuay of Sudan opportunities to train at a more professional level and fight competitively in international IFMA Tournaments and competitions, proudly representing their country of Sudan. This opportunity truly changes lives for the young athletes and their families who can now gain the support through their sports achievements.


It was a true transformation of the national body for the sport as athletes finally stepped on a level with the 130 other countries in the world registered with IFMA. Sudanese athletes could compete, have access to professional training, and get access to simple things like proper competition equipment they needed that they were so desperately lacking, to gain funding through various channels required to travel to international competition.


For the entourage, coaches and officials newly established federation allowed to get legal status and their first passport right before their trip to UAE for the Arab Muaythai Championships 2019.

Sudanese athletes have champions’ potential who give incredibly high hopes for the entire nation to become a dominant force in the African and the world muaythai. The Sudanese athletes need opportunity with the Federation active support and guidance to prove to the world, for the world to witness their strong courageous stone strong hearts, their infallible spirit and fortitude, smart minds and well trained skillsets in the ring.

2018 saw a historical muaythai seminar as Sudanese students and coaches joined together to start building a unified structure for the national muaythai. More than 100 people were in attendance to meet and exchange the skills and learn from the champions.


Since the establishment of the Federation Sudanese athletes could compete at the international events under IFMA. For many it was the first time out of the country and certainly their first time competing at international tournaments. The current results Sudan can boast is two medals they brought back to make their country proud.


Sudan is preparing to represent their country at each level of IFMA events with African Muaythai Championships, World Championships and multi-sports events being the top agenda for the young federation with strong ambitions.