Only one month to go until history will be made in Thailand as the Muaythai University World Cup has received the highest honour, patronage of FISU the International University Sports Federation (Fédération internationale du sport universitaire).

Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sport, Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, called a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, with all the parties involved in this important event.

Her Excellency stated that Thailand is honoured to have won the bid for the first University World Cup and it has been six years since Thailand has been the host of an IFMA sanctioned international event, and after all the fantastic events held in China, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Malaysia, it is great to see such a recognised event back in the Kingdom. Her Excellency also mentioned that Thailand has been given the honour of hosting another major event which will be held later on in the year.

The Director General of the Department of Physical Education of Thailand, Dr Patanachart Kridiborworn, stated that everything is on track regarding the event and that the opening and closing ceremonies of the event are in preparation. The Director General also stated that they are looking forward to working closely with the Sport Authority of Thailand and all other parties involved.

The President of IFMA and AMTAT under Royal Patronage, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that it is an honour that FISU patronage has been awarded and it shows the recognition Muaythai has in the sporting world.

IFMA General Secretary Mr Stephan Fox presented the participating teams which will be coming from all 5 continents working closely with their National University Sports board and that IFMA is looking forward to a fantastic cooperation with FISU.

IFMA Sport Director Mrs Charissa Tynan made a detailed presentation on the sporting schedule, and all the conferences that will take place during the event.

Thailand is looking forward to welcoming all the countries and the world is looking forward to witnessing the first FISU patronized Muaythai University World Cup.