The athletes of the Hellenic Muaythai Federation had the chance to take part in a 2-month training regimen with Mastrt Rungjaras, a former Lumpinee and Siam Omnoi Stadium, champion. The athletes were separated into groups according to their skill level and fighting experience, training for a gruelling 6 times a week for 2 hours each session.

Master Rungjaras started his teaching with basic footwork and techniques. Following this, he showed offensive and defensive techniques and how to counter attack both using thai pads as well as getting fighters to pair up. His style and method of teaching caught the interest of all the athletes.

Together with Michalis Drosos, they held pads for the athletes, whose attention to their teaching was truly remarkable. Keeping in mind that this is a unique opportunity, as for most this is their first time training with a real professional in muaythai, students displayed diligence and concentration towards the teachings and they gave it their utmost best. Athletes focussed on the techniques performed by the two teachers and then tried to perform the techniques to the best of their abilities.

Last but not least, as it is with most training regimens, the final part was dedicated to sparring. Luckily, Master Rungjaras is only 29 years old and is still in fighting form. Both he and Drosos put on their gloves and sparred with all the athletes. “Our aim is to show that a muaythai fighter must not depend only on power but the most important element is the way to fight, the tactic one has to follow to overcome his opponent, by having the least injuries”, says Michalis Drosos. Master Rungjaras added “ Muaythai is not only about punching and kicking, but a continuous exchange of techniques were the most complete in mental and physical condition athlete wins”.

Master Rungjaras also took on the role as referee in the intraclub muaythai fights organised by the Hellenic Muaythai Federation on 7th March, and he will also be teaching in seminars all over Greece in member muaythai gyms of the Hellenic Muaythai Federation.

In the time that will follow he will also focus his teaching in wai kru, in the history of muaythai, in the preparation of the fighter before the fight and he will also perform several muay boran techniques.

On the final day of the 2 month training process, the Hellenic Muaythai Federation honoured Master Rungjaras with a plaque in recognition of his teachings of the explosive art of muaythai in Greece.

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