The beautiful city of Jonkoping will be the host of the IFMA World Championships 2016. Nothing fills an athlete more with pride when he can compete at the highest level event in his home country. To compete with the national flag for honour, fame is the dream of any athlete.
The Swedish National Federation will hold their national championship 11th to 13th February, for the athletes to qualify for the IFMA World Championships which is also a qualification event for the 2017 World Games under patronage of the IOC.

The President of the Swedish Muaythai Federation, Pernilla Johansson, who is also IFMA EB member and has been an outstanding athlete, a former IFMA world champion, stated that there is an amazing hype within the athletes, and it will be heartbreaking for the ones who will not qualify, but the preparations for the Swedish team are going well. They know the pride of the country is on the stake when the athletes from all five continents will travel to Jonkoping for one of the largest, if not the largest, IFMA World Championships in history.