A packed stadium, a great muaythai crowd and exciting international fights highlight a successful premiere for TCC Thailand event in Pattaya sanctioned by the WMC…

As the dust settles on TCC Thailand 2010, fighters, media and promoter Bernard Caplin are all happy with the outcome of the first ever TCC event outside home territory.

“I was very nervous in the days leading up to this event” Bernard Caplin commented directly after the show. “You know, after calling off the event in the summer, all the fightcard changes over the weeks prior to the 7th and the uncertainty surrounding our strategy to integrate top Thai fights and an international tournament format into one show, I was uncertain as to how Pattaya would take to our event.”

“But when the doors opened and I could see the crowds outside the stadium, I was sure we were going to pull it off! And by 10pm the stadium was full, the atmosphere was tremendous and the fights just kept getting better! What a fantastic event this turned out to be, and plans are already in the making for 2011 for sure.” TCC promoter Bernard Caplin confirmed in the after event press conference.

Fight reports:

Germanys Sabine Kern lost a tough but clear points decision to the very strong Brazilian girl, Tainara Lisboa in a fight that was clearly matched a little too heavy for the young german fighter. With great boxing and kicking skills but disadvantaged in the clinch, Sabine struggled to handle the strong technique and the power of Tainara Lisboa, who showed that she is an upcoming girl to watch out for at 65kg in the future.

Polands Rafal Simonidis showed why for many he is the pound-for-pound best foreign fighter active in Thailand right now. In another explosive and exciting display, Rafal came out fighting from the first bell but struggled to handle the young Belarussian who fought the first two rounds with great skill, strategy and power. Mid third round Rafal took a big left cross elbow to the head, rocked a little but stood his ground. Then the fight went to another level…

Rafal won the third, battled the fourth and fifth to take a split points decision and the roars of the crowd. The Thai community on their feet, the stadium applauding and the corner going wild, a calm Rafal Simonidis left the ring asking his coach “was that fight OK?” For most, it was the fight of the night!

Muaythai legends Nung Ubon and Yoddenchai put on a great technical display in a 5×2 mins fight that was judged a draw. Both fighters now close to 40 years old and with over 600 Muaythai fights between them, still showing the young guns how it’s done! Congratulations to both these great role models for all involved in Muaythai.

The “1-KING” 4-Man Tournament:

In the first semi-final, Scottish Champion Stephen Meikle made short work of a clearly out of shape, overweight and badly prepared Nemat Bobomuhamedov. Bobomuhamedov, who had failed to make weight by 5,5 kg at the official weigh-in at 7.30am, had no answers for the very technical and powerful Scot, who felt his way into the fight in the first round, then knocking out his opponent with a big right overhand elbow early in the second round.

The second semi-final, which was expected by many to be the fight of the night, was over before it really began as the young Englishman, Jay Woodham got caught with an unlucky kick to the kneecap in the first minute of round one and was forced out.

“I am gutted that just when things began to hot up, I was out!” Jay commented. “Youssef is strong for sure but I wanted to give him a run, I dont think he is unbeatable. And I felt good tonight and was ready for a fight. Shame but thats how it goes sometimes. I really hope I get a shot at him again soon, he is a great fighter and one I want to fight.” The stage was set for the final.

The Final:

Stephen Meikle got off to a slow start, wary of the power and skill of the young Belgian. A close first round went to Youssef.

The second was a tight affair, both fighters exchanging powerful and well placed kicks, knees and elbows. In the clinch, both using great technique, it became clear that this fight was developing into a classic Muaythai war, both fighters remaining technical and very controlled, powerful, precise. Youssef showed why he is one of the shooting stars of 2009, keeping the pressure on nonstop, Stephen showing himself as one of the most improved fighters of 2009, calm and strong in his defense.

The third round decided the fight, Youssef on full throttle but controlled, Stephen Meikle turning it on. A great third round for both fighters with the jury giving the fight to Youssef on points.

Congratulations to the young Belgian Youssef on his title win, also to Scottish Champion Stephen Meikle for 2 fantastic fights and for accepting all the changes thrown at him in the days and hours leading up to the event.

Sawadee Pattaya TV highlights and official event pictures to be released soon!

Hope to see all again on TCC Thailand 2011!